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Tony Blair

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I'm wanted in The Hague? ... Super!

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The most cowardly, spineless and useless PM the UK has ever had... in the whole world... ever... even more that John Major. Even worse a PM than Clement Attlee. Also known as TCB. Failed to become a rockstar in his past as well as a stand up comedian... Well he could have been seen as a comedian if you were quite that dark.

  • What's the difference between Tony Blair and a plastic vagina? Blair is a real cunt. (MOD Edit - Ritch - Not my shit joke.)


As he became more demented and power mad Blair thought:

  • It's possible to identify future criminals in the womb.
  • That all children (except the kids of the rich and famous) should be indexed in a secure database accessed by a mere 300,000 to 400,000 civil servants, police, social workers, Islamic fundamentalists and paedophiles
  • He could last another 12 months in the PM job (as at September 2006) when everyone (even his own party) wanted to see the back of him... Yet the slimy cnut managed it.

Oh Dear

Married to the lovely, fragrant and ever so slightly money grabbing Cherie Blair, he was looking for a 'legacy', having largely failed to leave anything useful in the first 9 years of his Premiership - apart from initially dragging the once-glorious Labour Party down to Tory levels of sleaze (and then beyond) - coupled with a Communist tendency to use the big lie whenever possible. Ultimately he didn't leave a positive legacy no matter how desperately he tried in the last days of power. He'd left it too late and was too much of a cockweasel.


His last hurrah was trying to claim that the 'golden age' of art over the last few years was part of his legacy. [Didn't he know art only flourishes when conditions are bad?]


There are numerous military personnel, civilians and ex-serving personnel who have expressed (valid) opinions on the conduct of Mr Tony Blair in respect of his views of the military and their roles. These opinions have been published by Reuters and reproduced in numerous national and local newspapers, as well as those in Australia at the time of writing. These views can be found at here.

At a memorial service for the casualties in Iraq (Oct 09), Blair was seen autographing copies of the Order of Service. [There's irony in there somewhere.] Obama's attempts at nuclear disarmament seem increasingly unlikely to succeed as Blair's ego approaches critical mass. At the same memorial service, a father of one of the casualties refused to shake Blair's hand, stating there was blood on it. Article here. Well done, sir!

Fuck Off Tony!

Bliar Left office to a tearful national wave of 'F Off and don't come back!' and then went on to work as an unpaid emissary to the Middle East promoting peace. [Seriously you couldn't made this shite up] He desperately wants to be the first President of the EU and wants to teach religion at Yale. He'd be better off teaching war at West Point, as he's involved us in enough of the fucking things. What he really wants is a good kicking and a trial in The Hague for war crimes.

The Future

Blair currently owns more homes than Barratts, but no-one is quite sure how he is paying the mortgages. With the purchase of prestigious offices/home in London (Connaught Square) and reported interest in a country house not far from Chequers, he seems to be trying to set up his own shadow government.

May it also be noted that from a certain angle Tony Bliar does, in fact, look very much similar to a pair of hairy testicles. This is presumably because he has spent the majority of his time with his head up George (the Wanker) Bush, and has evolved so to suit his environment better.

Since his time in office, old Tony has been single-handedly responsible for the most common fake spelling mistake on ARRSE. People felt clever when they used the word Bliar in their posts. Anybody who still uses the term (in 2016) is a colossal wanker.

Pass The Sick Bag

In 18 months of after dinner speaking and other dodgy back handers, this two-faced, slimy weasel has trousered 12 million pounds (as of Oct 2009 this is estimated at 15 million). I wonder just how much tax this cunt pays on that and whether it can buy enough soap to get the blood off his hands.