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A supermarket chain, similar to Sainsbury's, but less posh.

Tesco seem intent in driving every other shop out of business by building massive superstores anywhere they can - including peoples back gardens. They allegedly use bullying tactics (i.e. threaten to reduce jobs to locals unless their plans are accepted without modification) to cowe local councils in order to get planning permission.

The latest twist is that they add a 1400 flat student ghetto on top of the megastore, to ensure a captive market for their products, whilst pissing off the entire neighbourhood.

Tescos have now taken to persecuting anyone who voices any criticism of them at all (at least in Thailand) ... how long till your purchases are being swiped by the Obercheckoutfurher and Furry Crocodiles patrol the 10 items or less checkout?

CEO and board to be First Against The Wall come the revolution... along with their PR people (arrogant patronizing cunts)... who will be next.