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Tactical Recognition Flash

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An excellent example of WAGI. For years following WW2 the British Army gradually eschewed the idea of festooning their field clothing in brightly coloured badges, preferring to put the individual unit's identity on subdued and easily removable slides - worn on either the shoulder epaulettes or, more recently with the advent of CS95, on the front.

Prior to the onset of the TRF malaise, the only units that had any insignia extra to rank patches/slides on their smocks were the airborne bunch with their wings and natty DZ flashes, the odd Combined Ops outfit, Air Dispatchers and the EOD fraternity with their well-earned bomb badges.

Unfortunately, for some, this is far too simple and a whole system that went out with the ark was reintroduced; and of consequence TRFs abound in varying shades, colours and hues; denoting brigade and parent unit in all manner of both traditional and whimsical designs.

To add insult to the seemingly never ending fuck about of removing and re-sewing badges, TRFs are non-issue and are purchased from soldiers' own funds - though there is some discrepancy between units.

On the whole, they weren't really needed. They aren't liked and they're largely pointless due mostly to soldiers wearing different coloured hats with badges on them that tells the rest of the Army exactly who you are and what you do. All the more reason to keep them then?

Tactical Recognition Flashes of the Regiments of the British Army
Household Cavalry
100px-GuardsTRF.svg.png The Blues and Royals and The Life Guards
Royal Armoured Corps
Heavy Cavalry
100px-QDG_TRF.PNG Queen's Dragoon Guards 100px-RSDG_TRF.PNG Royal Scots Dragoon Guards 100px-RDG_TRF.PNG Royal Dragoon Guards
Light Cavalry
100px-QRH_TRF.PNG Queen's Royal Hussars 100px-9-12_RL_TRF.PNG 9th/12th Royal Lancers 100px-KRH_TRF.svg.png King's Royal Hussars
100px-LD_TRF.PNG Light Dragoons 100px-QRL_TRF.PNG Queen's Royal Lancers
The Royal Tank Regiment

1st and 2nd Royal Tank Regiment

The Yeomanry
100px-Royal_Yeomanry_TRF_2nd_pattern.svg.png Royal Yeomany 100px-Queen%27s_Own_Yeomanry_TRF.svg.png Queen's Own Yeomanry 100px-RMLY_TRF.svg.png Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry
100px-Royal_Wessex_Yeomanry_TRF.svg.png Royal Wessex Yeomanry
Foot Guards

Grendier Guards, Coldstream Guards, Scots Guards, Irish Guards and Welsh Guards

Line Infantry and Rifles
100px-Royal_Regiment_of_Scotland_TRF.png Royal Regiment of Scotland 100px-PWRR_TRF.PNG Princess of Wales's Regiment 100px-Duke_of_Lancaster%27s_TRF.PNG Duke of Lancaster's Regiment
100px-RRF_TRF.GIF Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 100px-1trf.GIF Royal Anglian Regiment (1st Battalion) 100px-2trf.GIF Royal Anglian Regiment (2nd Battalion)
100px-3trf.GIF Royal Anglian Regiment (3rd Battalion) 100px-Yorkshire_Regiment_Tactical_Recognition_Flash.jpg Yorkshire Regiment 100px-R_WELSH_TRF.PNG Royal Welsh
100px-MERCIAN_TRF.PNG Mercian Regiment 100px-Royal_Irish_Regiment_TRF.svg.png Royal Irish 250px-Paras_DZ_Flash_updated.GIF The Parachute Regiment (DZ Patches)
100px-Gurkha_TRF.PNG Royal Gurkha Rifles 100px-RIFLES_TRF.PNG The Rifles
Special Forces
NO INFO AVAILABLE Special Air Service NO INFO AVAILABLE Special Recconnaisance Service
Support and Services
100px-Royal_Artillery_TRF.svg.png Royal Artillery 100px-Royal_Engineers_TRF.svg.png Royal Engineers 100px-Royal_Signals_TRF.svg.png Royal Signals Corps
NO INFO AVAILABLE Army Air Corps NO BADGE ISSUED Intelligence Corps
100px-RADC_TRF.svg.png Royal Army Dental Corps 100px-RAMC_TRF.svg.png Royal Army Medical Corps 100px-RAVC_TRF.svg.png Royal Army Veterinary Corps
100px-RLC_TRF.svg.png Royal Logistic Corps 100px-REME_TRF.svg.png Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 100px-SPS_TRF.svg.png Adjutant General's Corps (SPS Branch shown, other flashes are issued for neccessary branch, ie. MPGS, ETS, ALS)
100px-QARANC_TRF.svg.png Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps NO INFO AVAILABLE Royal Army Chaplains Corps 100px-RAPTC_TRF.svg.png Army Physical Training Corps
NO INFO AVAILABLE Small Arms School Corps NO INFO AVAILABLE Corps of Army Music NO BADGE ISSUED General Service Corps
Other Branches of the Armed Forces
100px-RAF_TRF.svg.png Royal Air Force 100px-Royal_Navy_TRF.svg.png Royal Navy
Miscellaneous TRF's
pathgv7.jpg The Pathfinder Platoon dz16aa13regtrlcss6.jpg 13 Air Assault Support Regt RLC 7bnreme1eh3.jpg 7 Air Assault Bn REME
dz9regtaachk9.jpg 9 Regt AAC

Please Note: Where No Info Available is shown, the writer has not been able to find conclusive information either way, concering a flash being issued. If you are a member of one of the regiments unrepresented with a flash, please feel free to insert your own, or send me (dhgrainger1) a picture if you're unsure of how.