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What 'they' possibly look like. Or, more than likely, not

Term coined by Auld_Sapper in the Stumpy stories (found here ,) to describe members of The Special Air Service Regiment. Prospective members can sometimes be seen in the Brecon Beacons carrying a mashed up old SLR and a bergan the size of Western Australia.

Every pub has a regular who was one of 'Them', and more often than not was one of the two guys first in through the window or second man on the Balcony at the Iranian Embassy. Real members (Them) won't tell you that they were one of 'Them', but often can be seen sporting rather Blue Oyster Club-ish moustaches and hanging around in Hereford, where 'They' live.

Actually the term 'Them' is a fantasy. What's it doing here? Who knows. And anyone who does know won't tell off course, but I know a bloke who... etc.

In the late '70s and '80s synthetic duvet jackets, such as those from Mountain Equipment or Igloo, were considered de rigeur by 'Them'. Normally worn with dessies, KSBs or Hi-Tech Trail boots. Convention further dictated they be worn with faded drainpipe jeans.

This dress code - and its aficionados - rapidly became known as 'jelly babies', or 'jellybaby' by those in the know: in the nurses' home, staff room at Tescos and the flat above the doctor's surgery in Whitecross.

This genre became so hackneyed post-CORPORATE that the only 'jelly babies' seen downtown were normally from 264 Signal Squadron or drivers from MT. Further kudos could be achieved being seen down town with a numeric "Multitone" pager in your jeans back pocket. Few realised what a cliche this had become when Pru the WRAC clerk was seen sporting one herself - a piss take that few recognised.

Towards the close of this period certain members of 'Them' could be seen in the Triangle sporting a natty line in sports jackets, in an effort to confuse the enemy - and distance themselves from 264 and the Admin Wing walts.

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