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Second Sikh War

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Fast forward a couple of years from the First Sikh War to 1848. Basically, Johnny Sikh - still smarting from the drubbing he got at Sobraon in 1846 - tries it on again.

A fracas at Ramnagar was followed by a right old kicking at Chillianwala, where the 24th Foot got virtually annihilated (and a repeat performance thirty years later). Despite odds of 30-40,000 Sikhs against 12,000 of General Gough's men, the old bugger still managed to pull off a victory - albeit with appalling losses.

The final punch up was at Goojerat, with 60,000 Sikhs & Afghans versus Gough's 24,000 reinforced army. Needless to say, Johnny Foreigner got a total pasting, the Sikhs joined the British Indian Army, and it was all Pimms & Cricket henceforth. The Afghans, however, remained a pain in the arrse - and still are to this very day!