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Royals Signals Detachment Commanders

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Royal Signals Corporals course (TA)(formerly known as R SIGS Detachment Commanders course TA)

The TA course is a two week course held at Blandford, Dorset. The course itself is mostly infantry based and run by failed tradesmen who like to pretend that they are in the infantry. Instruction focuses on Orders, method of instruction, SAA, NBC, and drill. The usual course stereotypes apply ranging from the mincing best student to the course pissheads (i fell into the latter category)

Due to the changing times, the course participants are now allowed to drink during the course. For the (almost) old and bold, the XL CLub and Naffi were OOB for the duration of the course and participants were only allowed to drink under the supervision of the DS Staff when they took pity and took you on a trip out.This was so they could ply you with drink and introduce you to a particular beverage called Gorilla Snot