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Royal Tank Regiment

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They claim to be seriously professional but it seems that they are just professionally serious.

New nickname - Chav Cav, The Peoples Cav or simply the Chavalry (although this is also used to describe the 9/12 Lancers). Tried to sue Warner Bros over the name "Men in Black", failed and had to pawn off half of the mess silver.

Recent Organisation

Claims to Fame

Responsible for introduction into the British Army of:-

  • The Beret - concept borrowed from the French "Chasseurs Alpins" who to this day wear a black bonnet you could land a Chinook on.
  • The Tank - a device enabling one to cross mud, barbed-wire and trenches full of Germans without getting one's lovely braided jacket covered in bits of horse-flesh and shrapnel.

Some Comments

Nice enough bunch of blokes; wouldn't want my daughter marrying one though.

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