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Royal Marines

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Royal Marines Green Beret

AKA "The Green Death", this is Royal Navy's little military train set. Founded way back in 1664. They are a small but powerful Corps, Extremely harassing, operating in the air, on land and at sea. Just don't be repeating that, their heads are big enough as it is!

The 3 Commandos are:

These Amphibious Infantry are currently under the tenuous command of the Royal Navy. Their ferocity in battle is only matched by their profound sexual deviancy on the piss. However if you want volunteers to hang outside an Apache helicopter, fly NOE into a firefight, pull a bud out of trouble and return ... then look no further. These are your men!

However it's rumoured that during WW2, Winston Churchill forbade the Royal Marines from wearing any white underwear or carrying anything white. In 2007, they were involved in an unfortunate incident with the Royal Navy in which they surrendered and were then captured by Iranian boat goat-herders,they were held for several days, then afterwards released. This incident had a comical effect afterwards when in some war zone somewhere a jackanape from the British Army played the song 'Hands up, Baby, Hands up' by Boney M during a Royal Marines Parade. It is also completely untrue that they salute with both hands raised above their heads.

They are renowned for frock-wearing parties, Being mentally affected with Marines Disease and getting bollocky buff after the equivalent of two sherries, as their general nails-ness doesn't seem to extend to the ability to drink. Allegedly can sometimes be found daisy-chaining. However, even in a frock, high heels and sussies a Royal Marine is butcher than a Septic marine in full combat harness driving a M1 Abrams tank.

You can find them lurking around RM Bickleigh, Stonehouse, Taunton, Poole, Arbroath and any of the affiliated Naval ships drinking heavily, getting naked and spinning dits.

3 Commando Brigade also consists of Army units (need to give them a mention before they kick off who was first!).