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Radio Systems Operator

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As a Radio Systems Operator, in The Royal Signals, you provide and maintain radio and IT equipment. The linchpin of battlefield communications, this trade operates all types of radio platforms including Ultra, High and Very High Frequency (UHF, HF and VHF) systems plus BOWMAN and satellite equipment. As well as knowing how to set up, operate and maintain the equipment, the Radio Systems Operators are expected to transport their kit into the heart of the action. They were known as Gods Trade.

Sorry to steal your Thunder matey But.............

The Frequency separation of said VHF is YAWN, YAWN Blah Blah Blah Blah, give it a rest mate we need to recruit not bore, That effort makes us look like geeks who like nothing better than reading through "Radio Ham Weekly", and "Which Antenna" Monthly. We need young Civvies to Read this and join up as Gods Trade.

Here we go..........

As a Radio Sys Op, you get to operate shed loads of kit in the most peaceful and spacious of environments..... The back of a Land Rover!! This truly amazing experience, means you can forget about Deep Vein Thrombosis, as you stretch your legs out, turn up the gain, and listen to the Turkish Cab drivers on the HF Radio Net. If you get bored of the Cabby's, then it's time to use the Satellite equipment, use this kit to phone your girlfriends, family etc. It's really cheap too, so have a real long chat, this saving you both power, and money on your your secondary Radio (Nokia 6210). Whilst on Deployment, make sure, you p*ss your Det commander off, this cheeky bluff, ensures you get the night shift. The night shift is THE shift to be on, as the Radio nets come alive with the Crackling inaudible sounds of your distant oppo's scattered around the Salisbury Plain. You won't be bored or have time to fiddle with any of the equipment, Delete the Crypto, or forget to fill the Generator up. As it's all GO! GO! GO! at 3 in the morning. The best activity is the Antenna Changes etc, this is normally done once at night time, and what better time to change the Antenna lengths, but under the stars on a mild night in November, all wrapped up warm in your issued Kit. Once you have got the right Antenna lengths sorted out, tune your Radio's in, and Bingo you have Comms. Don't worry if no-one is speaking on the Net, or no-one answers you, this is normal. THEY probably have the Wrong Frequency, NOT you!! After your first exercise, you will probably be nicknamed "Captain Comms", which is one of the highest honours your peers can bestow onto you!!

Well done Now your a Real Radio Sys Op!! Stand proud Captain Comms.....Stand Proud!

Trade Structure of the Royal Signals
RS Op AS Op Spec Op Sys Eng Tech Driver Lineman Electrician (ED) Technical Supply Specialist

Supervisory Trades
YofS FofS Supvr (R) Supvr (IS)

For further information, have a look at the R Signals website: Royal Corps of Signals.