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NED - a Non Educated Delinquent.

What Jocks call Chavs.

Outwardly, the ned displays no physical or sartorial difference from his southern chav cousin.

His (or indeed, her) defining characteristic is a high-pitched, nasal whine which may be an affectation - or the result of a hideous untreated adenoidal condition.

Haw man, youse huv goat tae check out Glasgow It's pure dead brilliant by the way!

The above quote is an excellent example of what said Neds will tend to say in their aforementioned nasal whine. Neds by their very nature tending to be 99% Glaswegian or from Lanarkshire (strange but true)

Those who live on God's chosen coast (the east) have a local variant; the "Schemie" Definition-anyone who attained a 2:2 or less at anything other than the University of Edinburgh.

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