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1) Re-invented by the cunning Hun in time for WW1, the mortar was originally used in medieval times to lob a bloody great stone over a castle wall to annoy the defenders. The 20th century mortar is type of one-to-three-man, indirect fire artillery piece that could be easily moved from place to place. It lobs an explosive round at short ranges in a high arc which drops vertically onto enemy positions. Can be used offensively or defensively giving the average squaddie on call light artillery at all times ... unless you're relying on 3 Para Mortars who'll be out turning tricks!

It comes in a variety of calibres - from man portable (but ineffectual unless your nickname is lucky) to man portable? jeez you must be kidding! Lazy Spams stuck mortars into the back of a M113 APC, cut a large hatch in the roof to avoid the embarrassment of having the round explode inside the vehicle and called it the M1064A3 (because they can I guess).

Capable of lobbing 20 rounds a minute if squaddy loading can be arrsed. May also fire smoke or illumination rounds. Extremely common in WW2 and Korea.

The soldier used a mortar to drop HE onto the German positions.

2) When a women farts and it is very loud and smelly

Did you hear that?
Yeah, that bitch let out a mortar.

3) Used in the expression

She bangs like a belt fed mortar.

to compliment a member of the fairer sex with a very reasonable sex drive.

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