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Land Information Communications Systems Group

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One of the surprises that came with the founding of LIAG was just how many really (and I'm not being sarky here) capable people wanted to join but didn't have the specialist security skills necessary for the IA specific role (although some old gits have pointed out that the "R SIGS IT Pool" was a fully fledged dream when LIAG wasn't even a probationary point on a Brigadier's OJAR.)

Recruiting being what it is, 2 Bde felt that setting up a more generic unit, providing project managers, network specialists and other: the equivalent of the regular IS trade, would be beneficial (and allow a sneaky red-tab Colonel post for CO SGRS).

No longer in nappies, and toddling furiously - they are managing to put people on to a significant range of tasks, including some operations. Pretty much up to strength, as far as officers go (they really had to struggle to fill 4 Colonels slots ...) but still trying to fill their SNCO positions and keen to hear from you :)

More seriously

Over the past few months there have been a few threads which have mentioned Land ICS Group – the newest of the three TA Specialist units within the Specialist Group Royal Signals (SGRS) (the other two being LIAG and 81 Sig Sqn). Together these three national TA units provide specialists with current military and/or commercial expertise and experience across the complete range of ICS disciplines – from requirements specification, infrastructure design, secure architecture, project management and installation, through to secure operation and information assurance, and system decommissioning. LICSG’s role is the provision of expertise in system, software and network specification, design and operation, and in the implementation and technical inspection of ICS solutions. LICSG is now recruiting. As with LIAG, LICSG can commission qualified individuals as Specialist Offrs (there has been a subtle change in the rules about PQOs – however no significant change to the commissioning/training/employment route). Unlike LIAG, LICSG can also hold appropriate Supervisory WOs and SSgts (ie FofS/YofS/SupvrIS) and Tfc/Tfc(IS)/TOT Offrs. Target LICSG skillsets include:

• Requirements capture

• Bid analysis/preparation

• Service delivery/SLA specification/contract management

• Programme and project management

• Enterprise/Systems/Solutions Architecture

• Network/Infrastructure design/management

• Technical Inspections

If anyone is interested in joining the top tip is to drop a CV direct to LICSG ( liscgoffice @ ) – entry to LICSG is ONLY by passing a selection board – held 2-3 times/year at Corsham; all CVs are considered at a unit screening board. Specialist Offr entrants then have a subsequent commissioning board. As a specialist unit, basic commitment is 19 days/year but in reality with mil trg and tasks most unit members will do somewhat more; and as elsewhere appointment is for a 3-year tour.

Current Day

In 2014, LISCG were moved and parented by the hybrid 15th (Information Support) Signal Regiment as 254 (Specialist Group Information Services) Signal Squadron, where it has continued to grow and add its own unique ICS contribution and support to Defence.

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