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Jimmy Hill

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Legendary football commentator famous for his overgrown chin.

Single handedly caused Scottish nationalism since any time Scotland and England played soccer the first, last and indeed middle words out of his mouth were "nineteen sixty six". This inability to talk about anything else coupled with his natural arrogance led to him being so hated in the late 70's/early 80's that insurance companies north of the border started refusing to insure TV's due to so many being smashed in Jimmy Hill inspired rages.

Subject of the Tartan Armies favourite terrace song 'Jimmy Hill's a Poof'.

It actually goes "We hate Jimmy Hill, he's a Poof, he's a Poof...." (All sing!)

A chant that has gone global after translation to many, many languages ,and has been bringing football fans together from all corners of the world (including England). Strange really, as its reported he was a bit of a mad lady [email protected]!

Crap Puns:

  • His favourite form of personal transport is his Chinook chopper.
  • Likes to get Rat Arsed off 'Chin and Tonic'.