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Home country of the Japanese: Slanty-eyed foreign devils with a penchant for ritual suicide, raw fish, saki, karaoke, schoolgirls, ninjas, omorashi and bukkake. Japan is one of the few... erm... only places on this twisted planet where soiled women's panties can be obtained via vending machines on the Tokyo underground. Actually, that's sort of sold it to me. Tokyo here I come - literally!

Japan has four main islands, Kyushu, Honshu, Shikoku and Hokkaido with numerous smaller islands scattered around the coastline as well.

Until trade was opened up in the mid 1850's Japan was a still a medieval society. Within 50 years they were handing out shoeings to the mighty Imperial Ruskies! (admittedly they used British built ships and had British/Spam trained Admirals).

Some think they are very clever, industrious, cultured and civilised. The veterans of Changi and the Burma Railway may not be in that group though. They are generally a sordid, mixed up race with an identity crisis. The residents of Hokkaido are the original occupants of the islands pushed north by migrants from the mainland. They are considered a pack of mongs by the other island occupants.

Allied to the UK during WW1, their highly professional navy pushed the Germans out of their possessions in the Pacific thus setting the stage for a Jap-Spam square go a quarter century later.

They were arrayed against the Allies in WW2 on the same side as the Germans and, for part of the War, Italy. Initially unstoppable, a succession of defeats such as the Battle of Midway lead to the mother of all drubbings, courtesy of the 509th Bomb Group and their Bucket of Sunshine - and they haven't looked back since.

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