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The backbone of the Army, the fellas who are told (not just Regular but including Reserve) that your job is to "close with and kill/destroy the enemy", all with a smile on their faces backed by massive gouts of ethusiasm, so what they really mean is that your job is to engage in mass slaughter and also risk getting slotted no matter how much advanced kit we get from the MOD R&D, training, Urgent Operational Requirement kit and weapons etc, and still do it with a smile on your face

Leaders in G3 Snobbery, the Infantry (AKA Cannon Fodder) do genuinely pride themselves on being able to suffer the worst working conditions, and indeed pay, that the Army has to offer. Amazingly some civilians seem completely unable to understand this attitude: some would indeed prefer to do other things than live in rain filled holes, get two hours sleep every other Wednesday night and walk for long distances with large amounts of weight in cardboard boots. Perhaps for this reason infantry recruitment is something of a challenge and most recruiters prefer to tell tales of eternal glory, fast cars and hot chicks than dwell on the truth.

See also The TA Infantry although you would think they would know better being safe on civi street but volunteer for a beasting in their spare time. Closet masochists perhaps?

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The Brigade of Guards

1st Battalion, The Grenadier Guards - 1 GREN GDS

1st Battalion, The Coldstream Guards - 1 COLDM GDS

1st Battalion, The Scots Guards - 1 SG

1st Battalion, The Irish Guards - 1 IG

1st Battalion, The Welsh Guards - 1 WG

The Scottish Division

1st Battalion, The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) - 1 RS

1st Battalion, The Royal Highland Fusiliers (Princess Margaret's Own Glasgow and Ayrshire Regiment) - 1 RHF

1st Battalion, The King's Own Scottish Borderers - 1 KOSB

1st Battalion, The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) - 1 BW

1st Battalion, The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons) - 1 HLDRS

1st Battalion, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's) - 1 A and SH

The Queen's Division

The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (Queen's and Royal Hampshire)

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

The Royal Anglian Regiment

The King's Division

1st Battalion, The King's Own Royal Border Regiment - 1 KORBR

1st Battalion, The King's Regiment (Liverpool & Manchester) - 1 KINGS

1st Battalion, The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire - 1 PWO

1st Battalion, The Green Howards (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment) The 19th Regiment of Foot)) - 1 GH

1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment (27th (Inniskillings), 83rd, 87th and The Ulster Defence Regiment) - 1 R IRISH

1st Battalion, The Queen's Lancashire Regiment - 1 QLR

1st Battalion, The Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding) - 1 DWR

The Prince of Wales's Division

The Royal Welsh

1st Battalion, The 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment - 1 CHESHIRE

1st Battalion, The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment (29th/45th Foot) - 1 WFR

1st Battalion, The Staffordshire Regiment - 1 STAFFORDS

The Light Division

The Rifles

  • 1st Battalion - 1 Rifles (CDO)
  • 2nd Battalion - 2 Rifles
  • 3rd Battalion - 3 Rifles
  • 4th Battalion - 4 Rifles
  • 5th Battalion - 5 Rifles

The Brigade of Gurkhas

The Royal Gurkha Rifles

The Parachute Regiment

The Parachute Regiment

The Special Air Service Regiment

Not really Infantry - but included here for conveniences' sake:

Special Air Service