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This page describes the basics of editing on the ARRSEpedia. It should provide enough information to get you going. Please bear in mind two important things though:

  • All edits on the ARRSEpedia are extremely easy to undo so you don't have to worry if you make a mistake.
  • It isn't actually possible to break the ARRSEpedia so just give it a go .....

Want a place to test things out then try the Sandbox.


To edit a wiki page, click on the "Edit this page" (or just "edit") link at one of its edges. This will bring you to the edit page: a page with a text box containing the wikitext: the editable source code from which the server produces the webpage. Depending on the preferences that has been set, a version of the edit page called preview page appears: in this case the rendered page is also shown; if not you get it by pressing "Show preview", see below.


If you believe the site should have a page on a particular subject then you should create a link to it. This makes that word or words 'clickable', as an example here is the link to the Main Page. This is done by typing the following in the edit box: an example here is the link to the [[Main Page]]. 


An alias is used to call a page by a different name. Thus using the example of the Main Page above I could also call it the Home. This is done using the following:

Thus using the example of the [[Main Page]] above I could also call it the [[Main Page|Home]]. 

It is also possible to make links plural thus I could also link to the soldier page or the soldiers page by the following:

 ... the [[soldier]] page or the [[soldier]]s page 

External Links

Once again these are easy to do. For instance I can link to ARRSE using the following code:

For instance I can link to [ ARRSE]


The wiki copes with headings of different levels. These make it easier for users to read. These are called by using the following code:


Bullet Points

Use of numbers and bullets is good as it makes the ARRSEpedia easier to read. Its really easy to do

  1. First number
  2. Second number
    1. Sub-point one
    2. Sub-point two
  3. .......

  • First bullet
  • Second bullet
    • Indented bullet
  • .......

This is done by:

 # First number
 # Second number
 ## Sub-point one
 ## Sub-point two
 # ....... 

 * First bullet
 * Second bullet
 ** Indented bullet
 * ....... 


You can add bold or italic emphasis using the following:

bold  '''bold'''
italic  ''italic''

New Pages

To create a new page, either follow a red link in an article (red means the link has no page yet), or type

in to the address bar on your browser. If it doesn't exist, the software will open a blank page for you and you can type away!


Please add your page to a category when it is done. This can be achieved by putting the following code at the bottom of your page:

[[Category: Whatever You Want]]

The list of categories is available from the Special Pages.


These are one of the more advanced functions that the wiki offers. Full details can be found on the Templates page.

External Links

Ask for further help on the ARRSEpedia forum on the main site.

MediaWiki Edit page for full details on using wiki functionality.