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Group of criminal, selfish, mendacious weasels given power (to make laws/set tax levels and squander the funds) in the UK by a deliberately frightened, deliberately misled electorate who vote based on what they are told by their preferred newspaper - who have their own agenda.

To quote a wise man: 'A government is a body of people, usually notably ungoverned.'

Given that the best selling newspaper in the UK is The Sun, is it any wonder that we end up with the frighteningly insane and corrupt in positions of power?

On a serious note, the government of any country is entrusted to run all of that country's offices, such as the Foreign Office, or the various Government Departments which deal with health care, education etc. - everything involving the infrastructure on which the country runs.

Although, as demonstrated above, most people dislike their governments (openly or not) due to the amount of times they fail. This is slightly biased, as they succeed plenty of times, but this is less widely reported.

[Got any examples of current successes? Because I can't think of any? But I can sure list the failures!]