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Dress Committee

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Right. Every regiment or corps has one. Full of senior officers, honorary colonels, probably the (Corps) RSM and a Retired Officer to do the paperwork.

What do they do? Who knows? Especially as any uniform changes have to go to the MOD Army Dress Committee (even more senior hoary old gits), it might just be a sherry drinking club.

Rumours include:

  • Dreaming up new and imaginative ways to make minor changes to non-issue kit that will end up costing the troops a small fortune every year or so to keep up with.
  • Practising changes on officer only items 'cause they're less likely to whinge.
  • Bemoaning the lack of subservience in the modern soldier.
  • Wondering how on earth to stop the TA ignoring almost everything they say (especially applies to the Royal Signals version, with its associated Yeomanry units.)
  • Dreaming of the day all soldiers will return to select one from (1939 / 1914 / 1897 / 1660) pattern dress, especially in the field.

Best avoided, if at all possible.