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Douglas Haig

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Field Marshal Douglas Haig, Commander of the British Expeditionary Force in the First World War from December 1915 - the Armistice.

A rather controversial figure of history, widely venerated in his lifetime as the man who won the war, but rather effectively blamed for the horror of the war by people like Lloyd-George and Basil Liddel-Hart after his death.

Popularly remembered as the chief donkey of the 'lions led by donkeys' myth, popularised in the 60s, and also as a cold, inept fool of 'Oh What a Lovely War' and Blackadder fame. Generally an unfair and loaded assessment, most re-assessments tend to find him to have been a decent general and not a callous, incompetant butcher.

It seems a shame that the QRH seem to venerate Winston Churchill so much, whose record is far, far less clean and whose paintings they proudly hang in the Ossifer's Mess are bloody awful, but try to ignore the fact that Haig was also of one of their forebear regiments.