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Corsham - Tri-Service Hell. Avoid it like the plague (IMHO). A quicker way to drive you to drink (other than the monster-in-law moving in) is difficult to imagine.

A multi-site operation - Basil Hill, Rudloe Manor, the GOSC and other DCSA bits and pieces.

Plenty of other stuff in the vicinity, due to the use of the tunnels under Box Hill for all sorts of open (ammunition factories and dumps - including the RN Copenacre site) and at-the-time secret (HQ / Ops sites) back in the dim and distant days of the 20th Century.

Also there is the, much speculated, Corsham Computer Centre.

Shrouded in secrecy from Joe Public, it is believed to be a submarine (WTF!) Radar Tracking Station. However, the conspiracy theorists think its for UFO tracking! They are probably right, and its headed up by Lord Lucan!!

There is also the "Cotswold Family Centre". If you are given accom here, try and work out who you have upset. The conspiracy theorists maintain that it has crack guards. They need to get out more and take a look at it.

Colerne is also close.