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A cnut may refer to

  • As modified by the ARRSE swearing filter, the description of a certain piece of female anatomy i.e. cunt is rendered as cnut, which many will appreciate is offensive to dyslexics.
  • An MLA for "Currently Not Undergoing Training" when referring to Phase 2 recruits who are awaiting a place on a trade course.
  • Colloquially, anyone not conforming to the accepted norm e.g. "That cnut is f**king useless!"
  • Historically a Scandinavian bloke who sat on a chair, on a beach, demonstrating to his subordinates that he couldn't turn the tide. (Also; He's/they're a bunch of Scandinavians... (usually in e-mail to fcuk the bot censor)).
  • Tony Blair, naturally.
  • Beckham - David or Victoria... either will do.
  • A small polar bear (Knut) that some bastard of a Kraut environmentalist wanted killed cause its mother had rejected it. Story here What a cunt cnut!

See also Robin Cook (a dead cnut), TCH and not forgetting TCB.