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These guys are the worst 'uckers on the planet.

They all want to grow up to follow in their fathers' and grandfathers' footsteps, although some of them realise they might eventually have to get a job.

Produce quite a lot of entrants for our esteemed armed forces, particularly suited to infantry as they are not quite intelligent enough to do anything other than walk and shoot. Occasionally at the other side. Although we do try and beat this behavour out of them, if this unsucessful they will leave and have tattoos of the regiment they were badged to for the whole of 6 weeks, see Pte Golden.

When people talk about Darwin's missing link, they have never seen the chavs hustled around the centre of Middlesbrough. Living proof that indeed we are descended from apes. Actually, I think it's proof that apes are descended from us.

Also can be used as an alternate to foxes, the members of the hunt can chase these vermin through their back to back estates and capture them finally in their recluse, also known as a bus shelter.

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