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British Empire

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Many years ago when Great Britain was Great and used to punch well above it's weight, the sun never set on the British Empire. It stretched across the Near East, the Middle East, much of Africa, the Far East as well as parts of the Americas and the Caribbean. It was based on fair trade and was generally perceived by its subjects as benevolent. It was not an out-of-control Imperial monster that bled nations dry and cast them aside when spent of their resources - as many are led to believe by contemporary revisionism.

It was designed and defended by Scots, built by the Irish and administered by the English. Pretty sure the Welsh did something to help out although I cant quite think of it right now.

Things all started to go wrong when we stopped drinking Tea in favour of Coffee and took too much interest in the welfare of the natives. One by one the colonies and protectorates around the world claimed their independence and turned and bit the hand that had dragged them out of the dark ages.

The Empire may have been from a past age and is now out of date, but that shouldn't stop us being proud of the achievements of the soldiers and settlers who left our shores to start a new uncertain life on the other side of the world. We certainly shouldn't allow lefty do-gooders try and make us ashamed of those achievements.

Note: Look at many of the African countries which are former Crown Colonies and wonder, 'Do you think they might regret leaving the Empire?' Some might, as lots of these former great countries are truly going/gone to the dogs i.e. Zimbabwe/Rhodesia

Bizarre Spam Conspiracy Theory

This one takes a bit of getting your mind round but according to this Spam nutter, the British Empire and Dutch are in the process of taking over the entire world starting with the EU through the Lisbon treaty. Best not to drink during this or you'll need a new keyboard. UTube video here