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A once very proud race of people, who, through their stubbornness conquered one third of the known globe; whom also didn't allow the Bosche to take the country in WW2 - unlike the 'Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys' - thus saving most of the World from Nazisim.

But they eventually relented and gave most of the countries back to govern themselves, primarily because of costs incurred both financially and politically as a direct result of being a victor (albeit a bankrupt one) of the Second World War. Also, the European Court of Human Rights said they were discriminating against the minorities.

Whilst the rest of Europe got on with each other by learning each others' languages, the Brits once again decided to go it alone, and (as this article proves) refused to learn to write (or, in fact, even to speak) their own language correctly; and through a few simple points at this and that with their finger - and speaking loudly and S.L.O.W.E.R at the foreigners - manage to get what they want.

British society is currently under the stranglehold of a new breed called 'Chavs'. This ilk like wearing Burberry baseball caps, and ill-fitting trousers, whilst the girls (if they're genetically classed as such) get pregnant at the age of twelve just to get some income (as they feel the state owes them something).

The UK is also the asylum seekers' idea of heaven as they all try and enter the country to get the benefits of a free house, money, hot and cold running water and a free health care system - all tax free, which again the normal tax payers have to fork out for.

The old expression of 'Lions led by Donkeys' refers to the people being lead by the politicians. Also, evidently and unfortunately, Britain is one of the few nations left in Europe that doesn't have a complete grasp of its own written language.

The British are a race that won both world wars - and stuck them out the whole way through (not turning up at the last minute to steal glory). The race who educated the world giving them the ability to do more than throw spears. The race that invented practically every useful thing today... like electricity, the written word, agriculture, water, cats and windows.

The race that ruled over half the world then allowed countries to have their independence just to see how shitty they'd turn out without British governing. The race of best lovers on Earth? Erm... maybe not.

Thanks to the British the world isn't run by a Nazi dictator or the French. Unfortunately, one still managed to get in to No.10 - a Nazi that is, not a Frenchman. Though give it time.