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A selection of ammunition

Ammunition is anything that is thrown or fired from a hand held weapon, armoured vehicle, artillery piece, aircraft or ship.

During operations it is always good to have plenty of ammunition, even if you have to carry it all in your webbing/bergan. However it's just not always just a case of having plenty of ammunition, it has to be the right size and type to fit the weapons that you have and also be the right ammunition to do the job you have to do. No point in 100,000 rounds of 7.62 for your GPMG if the baddies are in a T72.

Running out of ammunition can lead to Hand to Hand Combat or even having your back door kicked in by Abdul or Fritz or Boris or even Pierre if you also run out of everything including the will to live.

When filling their weapons or armoured vehicles with ammunition soldiers are said to be Bombing Up

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