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33 (Lancashire & Cheshire) Signal Regiment (V)

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As a result of the strategic review of reserves it was announced on 28 April 2009 that the regiment was to be disbanded

A TA regiment, 33 (Lancashire & Cheshire) Signal Regiment (V) was made up of the following units:

  • 55 (Merseyside) Signals Sqn - Based at Huyton. Includes the regimental HQ and attachments.
  • 59 (City of Liverpool) Signals Sqn - Based at Aintree. Universally (well almost) agreed as the hardest working and hardest playing of the squadrons.
  • 80 (Cheshire Yeomanry)(Earl of Chester's) Signals Sqn - Based at Runcorn.
  • 42 (City of Manchester) Signals Sqn - Based in Manchester. Strange Manc cousins to the otherwise completely scouse outlook of the other squadrons.

Generally a good outfit to be a part of. Lots of opportunities for exercises etc, although can be of a limited degree of organisation. Depends on your outlook, but 59 Squadron are often referred to (and sometimes by themselves ) as the "party squadron" of the regiment. This is borne out as they tend to have more regular social functions etc. 80 Sig Sqn is now down to sub-troop size and the future of the regiment is looking decidedly dodgy.