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2 (National Communications) Signal Brigade

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2 Signal Brigade provides information and communications systems support to the Army and government in times of crisis. With its headquarters based in Corsham, Wiltshire, 2 (National Communications) Signal Brigade's units are located throughout the UK from Elgin in the North to Eastbourne on the South coast.

The brigade provides vital communications in times of crisis using its one Regular and eight TA regiments as its backbone. In recent years TA members of the brigade have been involved in providing communications systems to support the army's Green Goddesses during the firefighters' disputes, in support of the Gleneagles G8 conference and the Commonwealth Games.

After a MoD meeting on the future of GMW (Government Machinery in War), 2 Brigade's tasking became obsolete. The Government decided that a nuclear strike/accident was not likely enough to warrant funding of units subscribed to this mission.

After some slick manoeuvres by (then) Brigade Command, the brigade (and and all its regiments) were saved and re-roled for UK operations providing Information Communications Systems support to military personnel/units on MACA tasks. In fact the Brigade gained two additional regiments.

The Brigade maintains communications elements permanently on twelve hours notice to move - including TA personnel. The TA units are the component for delivering communications capability rather than a general reserve like the remainder of the TA. The Brigade provides effectively 80% of the TA Corps. It also provides the standing signals commitment in Kosovo and regularly deploys formed sub-units for operations in addition to individuals.

Brigade Troops

Until March 2010, the Brigade Orbat is as below:

However, as a consequence of the Report on the Strategic Review of the Reserves published in April 2009, the structure is changing dramatically and as of the start of 2010 training year will be as follows:

All Regiments less 38 Sig Regt support UK Ops, whilst 38 Sig Regt with the direct inclusion of 1 (Royal Buckinghamshire Yeomanry) Signal Squadron (Special Communications) and [[2 (City of Dundee) Signal Squadron (V)] becomes the new UK Strategic Ops Regt.

Specialist Group Royal Signals