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French Phase of War

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The French War Flag : A white cross on a white background


A vast amount of time and effort is spent on this phase to make logistic preparations for the forthcoming war.

Bundles and bundles of flowers are gathered by main road junctions and "Joyful Fraulein" rehearsals of flower throwing onto Panzer deckings are performed by the populace. Cafes stock up on water to aid those who lose saliva whilst spitting at allied soldiers is quite necessary as there is no room for complacency when blaming others.

At the same time dress uniforms are brushed up and the cattle trucks made ready.

The major long term preparation is to plant rows of trees by the side of the road so that invading armies (mainly German) can march in the shade. (the poor blond Aryans cannot stand the sun dontcha know).

Token Resistance

A Dangerous Phase this.

Best to ensure that the Renault is full of fuel and the Autoroute clear. Feign shock at use of airborne forces is to be stressed (Imagine - landing on top!)

Blame the British for not defending France to the last man. Plant avenues of broad leafed trees to allow future generations of occupying German troops to march in the shade

Token resistance is best done in a foreign country, thus allowing the French army to fuck off home. Otherwise, it's on to...


Don't forget the long face!

Best uniforms on and off to the Forest for a quick bit of "hande hoch" before getting back to the Chateau and the Schnapps vs Brandy debate.

A good time to get into the concrete and re-enforced steel business and maybe top up on machine parts.


The French Phase of War following from "Capitulate" and prior to "Get Liberated" which itself proceeds "Gross Ingratitude".

In 1939 facing the difficulty of a crushing defeat inflicted by Ze Germans the French did the only honourable thing and rented out their country to the Bosche and started taking laundry in.

Get Liberated

Not good for business this phase with lots of shooting and a fair amount of fighting. Brits and Americans all over the place making trouble for Hans and Ze Germans in general.

Flower throwing again in the streets (look the other way down the road this time young lady)... stand by for the rebuilding plan and all that lovely lolly and burn the railway timetables..

Gross Ingratitude

The most naturally pleasing phase of the campaign, make yourself a massive pain in the hoop by saying "Non" at every opportunity and generally giving the Gallic finger to the nations that did the fighting for you whilst you were washing Wehrmacht socks.

Blame it on the British for being too "Anglo-Saxon" or something. Get ready for Phase One again and bring out the flowers.